Would you like to golf with me?

Playing Through is a new kind of golf show. It begins at a local driving range with a simple question for an unsuspecting mark, “Do you want to golf with me”? 

Once we get a yes, that golfer is whisked away and treated to the ultimate day of golf. We pick up the green fees, buy him lunch and during the round we offer our “Lucky Golfer” a chance to win various prizes by completing interesting, and sometimes outrageous challenges on the golf course.

Light-hearted, exciting, and irreverent at times, Playing Through is not your father’s golf program. We showcase the most innovative equipment on some of the most picturesque golf courses in the world, all while appealing to a new, younger generation of golfers.

About John Weisbarth


With more then a decade of live television experience and 7 regional Emmy Awards to his name, John Weisbarth brings his high energy and award winning style to every project he touches. As a former sportscaster with the San Diego Padres, a position he held for 10 years, and as the current host of Tiny House Nation on A&E’s FYI Network, John’s easygoing and confident demeanor shines through.

Married in 2008, John, his wife Megan and their son Jake make their home in San Diego.